Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lake Chelan - can this be real?

Thank you to everyone for your inquiries, I should have posted that I would be out exploring my August destination and wouldn't be back until now. Thanks for hanging in there...without further ado, I am thrilled to share with you - Lake Chelan, Washington!

Undiscovered by many, Lake Chelan (pron. Shell-Ann) is one of the most pristine and awe-inspiring places I've ever traveled. I've had the pleasure of visiting a few times (thanks to my boyfriend's family who has a summer home there) and I must confess that I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to experience this place. It's located on the eastern side of Washington state and is about a 3-hour drive (depending on how fast you go) from Seattle.

The lake is glacier fed which explains why it's so crystal clear and refreshing. It's also one of the deepest in the nation, third to be exact. The lake itself is about 50 miles long and I'll expand more on my trip up the lake to Stehekin in a later post, but trust me, it's a looong drive. :) Offering a variety of water sports, delicious local produce (blueberries and blackberries are especially popular), fun souvenir shops and fabulous wineries, Chelan has more than enough to entertain anyone's taste. More to come!!


Lake Chelan 4 Sale said...

March 24, 2008
Greetings Melanie,
I am so blessed to live in the Lake Chelan Valley and I want you to know your blog on Lake Chelan is totally awesome! You’re a truly amazing writer and photographer! Next time you visit our fine valley, please come see me at Uncle Tim’s Sports Bar and Golden Coin Casino at Tim's in downtown Manson. I would love to meet you and maybe talk you into singing a Karaoke song with me!

Happy Adventures,
Heidi Neal
Manson, WA

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